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  1. To set up Office Go to
  2. Sign in the Microsoft Office account
  3. If don’t have an account then Create a new account
  4. Now enter the product key and select your country
  5. Click Next
  6. Select the Subscription and click on Install option
  7. This will make your browser to easily Download Office
  8. Now run the office Setup and you are all set to use it

What Benefits Will I Get After Downloading Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a complete suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and many other, It each product has its quality and so many benefits. With one you can avail of the benefits of each product. When you give a click on this site, you will get to know about the installation process and how the file will be downloaded into your PC easily.

Once you are done with the download process, then you easily install Office by following the on-screen instructions. There are a lot of benefits that you will get after having office setup in your system. MS office software gives business users the best services that are useful in their professional life to manage various office works.

It improves individual efficiency and enables more business owners to contribute whenever a more challenging environment comes in front.

See how individual product of Microsoft Office gives you benefits:

  1. Microsoft Office Access is the Office database the executives program by and large use for fare, import, and work with XML data documents.
  2. Microsoft Office Excel is the Office spreadsheet program which makes the computations and information a lot simpler to dissect and share.
  3. Microsoft Office FrontPage is the Office Web webpage creation and the executives program offers incredible highlights to assist you with planning alluring Web destinations.
  4. Microsoft Office InfoPath is the Office data assembling and management program, which rebuilds the way toward social event data.
  5. Microsoft Office OneNote is the Office note and the board program, which empowers its clients to sort out, gather and reuse notes on a PC or personal computer.
  6. Microsoft Office Outlook is the Office communication program, where you can oversee schedules, manage calendars, email, contacts and other individual data in a simpler structure.
  7. Microsoft Office PowerPoint is the Office introduction illustrations program where you can deliver an effective face to face or on the web.
  8. Microsoft Office Project empowers associations to arrange business activities, assets, and undertakings for developing business out of the globe.
  9. Microsoft Office Publisher is the Office business distributing in addition to advertising materials program, which puts forth an attempt allowed to create, plan, and distribute master promoting and correspondence materials.
  10. Microsoft Office Visio is the Office business program that assists you in transforming the ideas and traditional business information into charts.
  11. Lastly, Microsoft Office Word is the Office word processor where one can compose proficient letters, sites, and other documentation related work.

Advance Features That You Get With

Can Use Office Everywhere

Yes, this is true, you don’t need to carry your laptop or computer everywhere, you can use Microsoft office from your phone or tablet. For this you just need good network connectivity, then complete login process. By logging into Microsoft account, you can even use its products in your home as well as on your office system, everywhere you will get the same data that you have saved last time.

Office on each device

Now you do not need to find another way to transfer your files or folder, or you don’t even need the draft file in the mail when doing work from home to again access it in the office. As Microsoft office this feature that you can log in into your account and find the same data that right from the point where you left it.

Fix major issues of Microsoft

Sometimes you may face error in while using Office, however, it has the features that can help you in solving the error. At times customers logging into the wrong website, or they enter an incorrect office product key or sometimes due to network connection your Office may not work normally. However, this is normal and happens with each software or technology-based program. But the best thing about Microsoft office is that after completing its, you also get an error fixer.

Why office

Well, the office is the one program that gives the best and the most productive suites till the date. You have a different product for doing different work. If you want to write you have Word if you want to make a presentation, PowerPoint is the best option, when you need to maintain the records—Microsoft Excel is the solution. Other than it does a lot.

Download and Install Windows

  1. To get the setup in your Windows OS, visit
  2. Now logging into your Microsoft Account
  3. If you don’t have an account, you need to create a one
  4. Therefore, to create a new account choose- Create a new account
  5. Then follow on-screen instructions
  6. If you have an account then login to the account
  7. Enter your Product key, make sure you enter the correct key
  8. Now click Download, it may take a few minutes. But once it gets completed, open your Downloads folder
  9. In the Downloads folder open the file
  10. Open the setup file and Install
  11. Now follow the on-screen instructions
  12. Once the installation process gets completed, click Close

Download and Install Mac

  1. Go to, login into the account
  2. Now enter the Product key and click on Download
  3. Once it is downloaded then look for the software
  4. On the Dock of your, Mac click on “Finder”
  5. Now find the Downloaded file of office setup and then double click
  6. Click on “Agree”, if you agree with the terms and conditions
  7. Now click on Install and then enter the password of your Mac
  8. Wait until it is completely installed, it may take your few minutes
  9. Once it is completed, click on Done

What is the Product key?

The product key of the Microsoft office is a unique code created from 25 alphanumeric characters. It is used when you need to either download or update your Hence, this is a unique number that makes you able to access the Microsoft office setup, make sure that you don’t share it with anyone, otherwise it won’t benefit you.

How can I get the Microsoft office product key? There are two ways to get the product key, first, you can get it Online or second option is- you can get it through Offline.

To get it online you need to go to the official website- and get it right on your email box. You need to purchase the product key online, and it is the easiest and safe option. On the other hand, when you go to the retail shop to buy the Office Product key, you have to purchase it from there as well. But make sure that it is not opened and the seal is not broken. If so, then you complain about the manufacturer or don’t purchase it.

After installing to activate the products you will need product key. So, let us proceed towards the next option to activate the office setup.

How To Activate The Office Using Office.Com/Setup Product Key?

1. Go to Office Setup website-

Open it on your browser, and visit the website. The website is specially build to guide the user about how to use office and how to download & install.

2. Sign in the account

First, you need to make your Microsoft Account (if you already have Microsoft account then directly login by entering your ID and password). To make the Account, you will need to choose the ID that you will use. Make a strong password and complete the other necessary things.

3. Enter product key

Now here you need to use the activation key or you can say product key. If bought offline then scratch the silver coating from the card and enter that 25 alphanumeric Product key. Or if you have bought online, then you can simply check your mail and copy-paste the key in the given space. Enter the Country and Language as well.

4. Download & Install

After the verification of the product key, you will be redirected to the new page. From there you need to click on Download and wait until it is completely downloaded. Next, you have to open the downloaded file and then Install it. Your product setup will start downloading.

5. Run the installation file

Next, you have to run the installation file, for this, you need to click on that file and run it. You can manually run it from your download folder. You will get a prompt from your Operating system, and you need to click on “Agree” after reading the term and conditions. Then your installation process will start.

6. Run the office app

Now you wait until the installation process is completed, after it you are all set to use office. Click on Finish and open any Office app. After opening it you will get the message that your office activated. Now you can use any of the office products and avail its amazing benefits.